Our Story

“If you’re called The Cock Inn why is there a Horse on your sign outside?” No, we haven’t had an almighty printing error, we made a conscious decision to reflect the true history of this pub in our new look...

In the 18th and 19th centuries the then ‘turnpike’ road outside the Cock Inn formed part of a principal route from London to Manchester. The road was, by the standards of the time, relatively busy with horse drawn traffic. The Cock Inn is situated near the top of the long hill up from Weston Underwood. As well as being an inn and toll bar, the pub was home to ‘Cock Horses’. The original stables housing these strong animals was sadly demolished in the 1960’s but previously stood on the site of our new restaurant.

These ‘Cock Horses’ were hired by drivers of wagons needing extra horse power to pull up the long hill. The inn was therefore known as the ‘Cock Horse Inn’ however somewhere in the mists of time The Cock Horse Inn became ‘The Cock Inn’ and the origin of the name was lost too.

We have adopted an image of what we believe the old Cock horses looked like as the new logo for the Cock Inn we hope you like it! The Cock Inn had ceased trading in 2006 but is well and fondly remembered by many, not least several of our management and staff team, it was always a friendly and convivial meeting place.

Ten years on, we sincerely hope and expect that following our re-opening, although the place will definitely look different, we can all look forward to renewing happy times at the Cock!